Memphis Nightstand

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Memphis is a smart contemporary style. Offered in a handsome slate grey finish over Mango wood weneers in a slightly drier finish to allow for pumice white hang-up in the grain - the effect is stunning!. On-Trend contemporary styling with a nod to classic Mid-Century Modern. Each drawer is framed in a distinctive satin nickel molding to match the oversized pulls. Nightstand upgrade optional feature top drawer Biometric lock. Ideal for use in keeping personal & sensitive items away from prying eyes or easy access. Preinstalled by the factory. Advanced unique Biometric Fingerprint Technology access pad discreetly hidden on the back of the night stand. Recognizes up to 20 fingerprints after Administrator programming – easy set up without an APP or PC. Powered by 4x AAA batteries that should last up to 18 months – a red light flashes to indicate it’s time to change. Mini-USB socket is available on the fingerprint sensor just. in case the batteries run down – just plug it in and access as normal to replace the batteries. Disclaimer: This biometric locking system in only intended as a limited access deterrent. it is not intended to function as a high security safe for securing valuable or dangerous items such as, but not limited to, cash, jewelry, firearms, prescription medications or any other potentially valuable or harmful items. Lock/Drawer has not been burglar or fire resistance rated.


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Dimensions: 30"W x 18"D x 29"H

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